A healthy salad doesn’t have to mean boring or being hungry!

I love summer time as it means delicious salads are back on the menu. This salad is just a mix of ingredients I had in my fridge & cupboard at lunchtime today. Lunch is often a forgotten opportunity to get extra veggies in. I always aim for at least 5 different veggies at lunch & [...]

A healthy salad doesn’t have to mean boring or being hungry!2016-12-08T00:04:08+11:00

Pumpkin, Polenta & Yoghurt Muffins

Want to hide some vegies in your next batch of muffins & enjoy a nutritious and delicious snack with no added sugar? Try this quick, tasty muffin recipe with a twist, which is rich in antioxidants, fibre and is really quite satisfying. Pumpkin is the key ingredient here making these muffins naturally sweet & a [...]

Pumpkin, Polenta & Yoghurt Muffins2016-12-08T00:04:13+11:00

Orange, date & yoghurt muffin bites

These delicious mouthfuls of goodness make a lovely treat or school lunchbox snack & are perfect for small hands and portion control. They are packed with natural energy in the form of dates, & have great fibre, vitamins & minerals from the whole orange (skin & all) & wholemeal flour. The natural yoghurt adds calcium, [...]

Orange, date & yoghurt muffin bites2016-12-08T00:04:18+11:00
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