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weight lossWeight Loss

  • Struggling with your weight?
  • Suffer from food guilt?
  • Confused about what to eat?
  • Tried diets or exercise regimes, without seeing results that last?
  • Low on energy or motivation to get back into healthy living?
  • Overeat or make poor choices when you feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed or even happy?
  • Concerned about the weight or health of your child/teenager?

Losing weight and improving your health & wellbeing can feel like you are fighting a losing battle against hunger, guilt, deprivation & fatigue. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Get back to the basics and rediscover a sensible, practical and pleasurable way to enjoy food in a way that nourishes our bodies as well as minds.

When you visit Nourish with Zest, your qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Melissa Boucher will help you:

  • Understand what to eat to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived.
  • Learn your triggers for emotional eating & strategies to overcome these.
  • Learn how to “have your cake & eat it too!” – understand your personal energy requirements and appropriate portion sizes for all food & drink.
  • Learn how to modify your favourite meals & snacks to make them more nutritious
  • Understand how to read Nutrition Information Panels – so you can make better choices.
  • Learn easy strategies to make meal planning a breeze.
  • Know what to eat in any situation – before/after a workout, at social events, on holidays.
  • Debunk food myths & expose fads and fiction in the world of nutrition & exercise.
  • Provide delicious meal & snack ideas & recipes suitable for the whole family.
  • Provide a personal nutrition assessment to determine possible nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to fatigue, low moods and poor digestion
  • Provide clear, easy to follow personalised Nutrition and Wellbeing Plans to get you back on the road to health & vitality!

Make your appointment today. Call 0431 130 095 or email and speak with your qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Melissa Boucher.

Qualified Nutrition & Weight loss Advice, Maitland, Hunter Valley

We specialise in:

  • Women/Mothers
  • Shift workers
  • Athletes
  • Retirees
  • Family and Childhood/teenage Nutrition

Lose weight & improve your health & wellbeing via:

  • Personal nutrition assessments
  • Realistic nutrition & health goals & strategies
  • Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans
  • Practitioner Only Nutritional Supplements
  • Inspiration, Motivation & Support
  • Easy & delicious family meal ideas
  • Children Welcome in our Family Friendly Clinic

Price guide (all prices in Australian dollars):

  • Initial one-on-one consultation in Maitland Clinic or via skype – AU $140 (1hr 15min)

  • Follow up consultation – face-to-face or via Skype – AU $90 (45min-1hr)

  • Office or private home visit – first consultation – AU $160 (1hr 15min)

  • Private Health Insurance rebates may apply.